Global Public Affairs is Canada’s largest privately -owned fully-integrated public affairs firm. With offices across the country, we work with an ever-expanding list of Canadian and international clients in multiple aspects of their business, providing comprehensive, strategic government relations and communications counsel and services– from research to tactical support to full program implementation. Whether through government advocacy, managing a crisis, or conducting community consultation, pursuing the many elements of effective public affairs is fundamental to the success of any organization. At Global Public Affairs we believe tailoring our approach to meet each of our clients’ needs is fundamental to the success of any public affairs strategy.

Since we were founded in 1995, we have built a solid track record of helping organizations of all sizes, and in a variety of sectors, meet their business objectives. Our guiding principle, From Insight to Impact, is at the heart of all our work.

Knowledge and Experience: Global has a deep, thorough understanding of the vast landscape of stakeholders in Canada. That includes an unmatched knowledge of the political process, the ever -evolving media world and the ever-more complex ways in which the general public and third-party influencers impact our clients’ business. We have worked as aides to senior government officials and as senior government officials, we have worked as policy advisors, in the media, for industry associations, for non-government organizations, corporations and academia. We help our clients successfully extend their reach, engaging all aspects of their stakeholder landscape, because we understand government, we know the media and we successfully help build strategic partnerships.

Unique Expertise: Global has a unique, integrated team-based approach that allows our professional consultants to gain broader, more in-depth knowledge; it enables us to learn about issues and engage quickly to better meet the complex needs of our clients. Our deep understanding of government combined with our vast communications experience links with our industry expertise in key sectors such as natural resources, energy, health and life sciences, transportation and infrastructure, agri-business, consumer goods, manufacturing, telecommunications, competition, trade, procurement, and non-profit. Through our integrated team-based approach we provide our clients with insight and counsel, planning and positioning, response and support, and training.

Local Understanding: It has never been more important to understand public and corporate policy and communications issues facing organization locally, provincially and nationally. It requires broad knowledge and understanding, connections and capacity, especially in distinctive, local markets. With Global’s national reach, we have the ability to take the pulse at all levels of public engagement and create and implement comprehensive and tailored strategies that cross various regions and jurisdictions.

Global’s reach stretches throughout Canada with offices in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa, affiliated offices in Montreal and Quebec City, and strategic partners in other parts of the country. Our reach is further supported by our strong global partners with head offices in the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia.

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